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An Individualized and Quality Massage in South West Calgary

At South West Massage and Wellness Centre, we provide the best massage therapy in SW, Calgary in addition to many other wellness services in a safe, relaxing, and comfortable environment! At our holistic wellness centre, we offer outstanding wellness methods that include acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, manual osteopathy, Hot Stone massage therapy, prenatal and infant massage therapy and alternative healing therapies such as meridian massage therapy, Rapid NeuroFascial Reset and lymphatic massage therapy.

Our massage therapy treatments will be tailored to your individual needs, where we work to combine techniques with the overall goal of alleviating your pain and restoring your health and wellness in the process. 

Message Therapy and Wellness Treatments

At South West Massage, we have a longstanding goal of using our effective massage therapy in Calgary, SW, to help you regain your sense of self and well-being. Our various treatment plans will be customized based on what you need for restorative health measures, and our friendly, receptive, and knowledgeable staff, complete with the most talented registered massage therapists in SW Calgary, will work with you to curate a treatment plan that can improve both circulation and mobility. 


As we stringently uphold high standards for customers and their treatment outcomes, we guarantee to give you high-quality care when it comes to everything relating to wellness! Schedule a consultation with South West Massage today and learn more about what we can offer you and more about our direct billing massage in Calgary, SW.

Direct Billing Available for Massage Therapy and Acupuncture

Massage Therapy

Prenatal & Infant Massage

Pregnancy is one of the most joyous experiences for expectant mothers. As your body is constantly changing with new life growing within, it is one of mother nature’s most remarkable and profound phenomena. Although body changes are par for the course of pregnancy, these drastic changes to the body during pregnancy can also cause varying degrees of pain and discomfort. To alleviate these pains so you can thoroughly enjoy your pregnancy in complete bliss, South West Massage and Wellness Centre offers prenatal massage therapy that works to relax your tense muscles, ease any sore spots, improve your circulation and increase your mobility.

Hot Stone

A hot stone massage from South West provides a calming, relaxing benefit for your physical and psychological state. The gentle heat released from the stones will help both you and your muscles relax, which allows our massage therapists to work deep into your tissues for the advantage of your health. Patients that suffer from overly tense muscles tend to relax more with hot stone massage therapy as they are able to completely bask in the warmth of the stones as we release their muscle tension to soothe their sore muscles.


A craniosacral massage from South West is a non-invasive, holistic modality that focuses on healing the body by treating the rhythmic pulse that naturally travels through your entire system. Your craniosacral system is composed of the soft tissue and bones of your head (cranium), your spine and your pelvis. It also targets the membranes and cerebrospinal fluids that cushion your brain and spinal cord. A craniosacral massage from South West can be a perfect and relaxing solution to varying types of chronic pain.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

South West Massage and Wellness Centre strives to promote health and balance in all forms, which is why we offer lymphatic drainage massage! A lymphatic drainage massage is a non-invasive, manual technique that has a powerful effect on the body. This massage actively works to stimulate the lymphatic system to accelerate the movement of excess fluids from the system. Such movement will detoxify surrounding connective tissue that might be unhealthy.

Meridian Massage

South West Massage and Wellness Centre offers a variety of treatments to our clients in the South Calgary area that include the ever-popular and helpful meridian massage therapy! Meridians are the body’s pathways for recharging your energy (Qi) fields. Your meridians are found deep within your core, which includes specific acupressure points along each meridian. Your energy – Qi, blood, and yin & yang energy nourish your entire body as they flow across your meridian pathway. When there is a blockage or a disruption to the flow of your qi, your overall sense of well-being significantly diminishes. With this massage, we actively work to alleviate this blockage and disruption, so your health and well-being can be fully restored.

Rapid Neurofascial Reset

Rapid Neurofascial Reset at South West Massage is a type of massage that treats aches, pains and injury by focusing on the nervous system rather than muscle tissue and works by harnessing the central nervous systems role in alleviating tension and restrictions within the body. It is a lotion-free technique, so the client remains clothed throughout the session. This treatment is movement-based to encourage the client to perform the active motion and is conducive to resetting nerve hypersensitivity back to neutral.



Manual Osteopathy at South West Massage is a gentle and non-invasive treatment that is a unique holistic, hands-on approach which focuses on treating the whole body. A trained Manual Osteopath provides the combined benefits of a massage therapist, chiropractor, and physiotherapist all in one. Manual Osteopath’s possess extensive anatomical knowledge and utilize it to improve a patient’s mobility, reduce their pain and stiffness, and restore balance to their body.


Acupuncture has been used for centuries to promote the body’s natural self-healing process, and it is a treatment that has become widely popular among our customers at South West Massage and Wellness Centre. This ancient form of Chinese Medicine is used to help our patients restore their well-being in numerous ways. Tiny needles are used to stimulate specific points found throughout your body, and by releasing the body’s blocked energy (Qi), it allows the natural flow and rhythm of this energy to return.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine principles are based on the belief that optimum health requires restoration to your balance and harmony by restoring the natural energy (qi) that flows throughout the body’s pathways system, also known as meridians. This helpful treatment is offered to our patients at South West Massage, so they can reap the many benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the comfort of our wellness centre. Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM, originated thousands of years ago and has since evolved into a form of primary health care used to treat various ailments. The most popular forms of TCM include acupuncture, meridian massage, and Chinese Herbal medicine.

How Our Treatments and Products Can Help You

South West Massage and Wellness Centre is the most esteemed provider of all things relating to wellness. Conveniently located in the community of Midnapore, we strive to work with patients in the hopes of creating tailored treatments that will reduce levels of stress, alleviate varying degrees of pain, improve mobility, and help restore your well-being and sense of self! Our wellness clinic in Calgary is unmatched as we holistically approach each patient’s needs so they can reach their individual goals and attain pain-free living, one step at a time. 


Yes! Here at South West Massage and Wellness Centre, we accept same-day appointment scheduling for convenience purposes! 

No, here at South West Massage, we do not require a medical refferal to get a massage that will relieve you of a pain and restore you back to health!

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