bryan natali

Bryan Natali is a massage therapist specializing in the revolutionary Rapid Neurofascial Reset technique. Bryan believes that no one deserves or needs to be in pain and Rapid has made it possible that they don’t have to be. He has helped hundreds of clients find balance and freedom from pain and lack of mobility. There is no part of the body that can’t be helped by Rapid NFR - from headaches to back pain to foot pain and everything in between.

Bryan helps his clients leave their pain and reduced mobility behind utilizing the science of Neurofascial Reset. And so, he values the opportunity to show his clients that there is a way out of both acute and chronic pain. Rapid NFR takes a holistic approach to treatment of the individual and targets the specific areas of pain but also seeks out its root causes and addresses them.

After completing his training at the Alberta College of Massage Therapy, Bryan began his specialist training in Rapid NFR.

As a Rapid NFR specialist, Bryan brings his practice to the South West Massage And Wellness Centre to add a new dimension to the excellent treatment options available.

Bryan looks forward to providing for his clients results that can be achieved through the Rapid NFR technique.

To book an appointment with Bryan Natali, Call SW Massage and Wellness Centre at (403) 931-4829 or go online to  Request Your New Patient Appointment Today!

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